Mao is the second largest and second-most populous continent on Panteratta. It is inhabited primarily by Humans, Elves, and Dwarves, but contains most Mortal races to some extent. Mao is known for its diversity and unique history, as well as for being mostly frontier land (land dangerous for commoners to inhabit).


The word “Mao” originates from the ancient Shi’ghen language, meaning “coverings” or “wool”. The name of the continent used to be “Fe mao amaoi fet dogyenshi hao”, translating to “The wool which covers these [barren] lands”. Speakers of the Shi’ghen language believed that the world was bare until it was covered with land by the gods. They mistakenly believed, however, that the entire world comprised only of Mao, and subsequently named their continent a term which would logically refer to all of Panterrata. Scholars consider the Shi’ghen language to have fallen out of common use in the middle of the Age of Dawn, and to have fully died by the end of it, but its influence was so profound on the peoples of Mao that the name is widely adopted across all languages and cultures.


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